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Hey ya'll lookers, enjoy mah faves! :heart: and :peace:




I really love this.


2:35 PM

Dear Friend,

Hi, I didn't think I would be back so soon, but I suppose four hours is long for some people, not me. Sarah and I had a fun time at the mall, well it was fun until Brandy and her friends came strolling along. They really didn't say anything to Sarah and she was pretty much pushed aside when the girls pulled me into their little circle. I didn't like that at all and I felt so bad for Sarah. She ended up sitting at our table in the food court alone while I remained trapped in Brandy's group.

Brandy told me they were done shopping and wanted to hang out. Okay, why in the world does she want to hang out with someone like me? She's already asked me more than once and I keep telling her no. When I declined Brandy this afternoon, she didn't look too happy, truthfully, she looked very hurt.

So we sat at a big table in the food court and Brandy went on and on about James Kelley and how much she misses him, yada, yada. Some of her girls joined in the conversation, comforting Brandy but saying how much of an sshole James really is. (I do not like to curse by the way). I listened to them all give their two sense and afterwards, Brandy ended up in tears.

I remember looking over my shoulder at Sarah a couple tables down. She was just sitting there, picking at her leftover chinese. Gosh, I felt so awful and I still do. Sarah didn't blame me though, she knows I was dragged into their craziness. I guess I'm just not mean enough to pull away like most people. When I was able to leave Brandy's little clique, I go back to Sarah and I tell her most of what Brandy has told me because I can't and I won't keep things like that from my best friend. After we finish our lunch, Sarah starts talking about Bud. I was a bit confused at first but then I remembered that she told me she liked him a while back.

Her demeanor was a little bit strange and she wasn't happy. It's like she had been drained completely. She told me Bud had gotten into a car accident this morning and he's in the hospital. Her mother called her while I was talking to Brandy.

When she told me that I didn't know what to think and I am still a bit confused and hurt. He's my other close friend and for some odd reason I feel like I'm the one at fault. I guess after everything that's happened hours before arriving home, Sarah and I did buy ourselves a few things, so it wasn't all bad. She drove me home and headed back to Salem where Bud is residing, it's the closest hospital. I told her I would come see him soon but I had to get back home before George starts to worry again.

Now here I am, writing about everything, sitting on my bed. My father is home but he's passed out downstairs on the sofa. I am very surprised he hasn't gotten fired yet, he does drink on the job but I guess if he hasn't gotten the boot, he probably never will. I used to have a job at the antique mall downtown but because of my father's stupidity, I ended up getting fired. I really loved that job, seeing so many nice people, greeting them every morning was my favorite and I really love antiques but he had to ruin that too.

Now most of my time all I do is write and go to school. I hang out with Sarah sometimes but that's a rare thing now. My father traps me, I think he does because he's alone and he is but that doesn't mean I don't care. He has to try to help himself before I can do anything. Anyway, tomorrow my mother is coming over. We are going to have a girls only weekend. I invited Sarah but she told me she's way too nervous to leave town while Bud is in the hospital and I completely understand.

I think I can write forever, it helps so much. It's like I'm talking to a secret friend but I'm writing instead, haha, I'm silly sorry. Well, I suppose I should do a few things around the house before my father wakes from his drunken stupor. I will make sure to be back here and talk about some more things...hah, see you soon!

Saturday February 14, 2015

9:40 AM

Dear Friend,

It's Piper again. I didn't write last night and I'm sorry. My dad was going on and on about how I don't do anything and that I just sit up in my room, try to avoid him at all costs. Why wouldn't I try to avoid someone who hits me, I would be a little silly not to but I love him, I still love him like I used to or at least try to.

I now realize that I don't really talk about Ms. Bailey that much anymore. She still excuses me from class but nothing new or surprising has come up yet that I need to talk about. Today, Sarah and I are heading to Salem Center mall which is just a sixteen minute drive from here to hang out for a little bit while my dad works at the farm. I got a phone call from Sarah at around 8:30 telling me to be ready before ten. I suppose now would be the time to get myself ready and shower.

I'm very sorry for cutting my writing so short but I will be back and hopefully I will have more to talk about!

Well, see you soon!
Friday February 13, 2015

3:27 PM

Dear Friend,

Hi, its just me again. I got a ride home from Sarah today; my father didn't show up but I didn't mind, I'd rather have her take me to and from school everyday. School though wasn't as bad today as it usually is. During algebra, a couple of the stuck up cheerleaders commented on my hair and the clothes I was wearing. It was strange and I was a bit timid by their unusual actions but I just rolled with it. One of those girls was Brandy, the one who had been dating James for a while and supposedly broke up with him.

I have to admit she is a pretty girl, red curly hair, blue eyes but I still don't like her personality or attitude towards others. Brandy and her friends followed me out of algebra class and to my locker.

I was a little worried about what they were doing and how they were acting around me. I brushed off the strange feelings I got and gave them smiles. What surprised me the most during the day was in the cafeteria in the lunch line. I was standing in line with Bud and Sarah and she comes up to me and asks me a ton of questions.

Her girls were sitting at their usual table, watching us from afar. I was a little bit leery of her and Sarah gave me a gentle nudge but I ignored it. Questions Brandy gave me were "Do you want to sit with us?", "My dad is going to be out of town, want to come over to my house?" and "You are so pretty, why do you hang out with them?". That was the question I didn't enjoy hearing and neither did Sarah, Bud on the other hand didn't care.

I did tell Brandy though that I would sometime just not today. After lunch, James Kelley was waiting by my locker when I got there. I swallowed hard and got so anxious. I got to admit, James is a pretty cute guy, brown hair and brown eyes but like I said about Brandy, I don't like his attitude or his nasty personality. I didn't really talk to him but he did a lot of the talking.

He asked me the same thing Brandy had earlier in the day. It was about some party but I declined him and left for gym class. Today was the weirdest day ever but I let it roll off the minute I got home, Sarah and I hang for a few hours before the tell tale sign of the door opening sounded.

I told her about Brandy and James. She didn't like what I had to say because she thinks that they are just trying to use me. I had that same feeling but I don't care about that anymore as long as they don't keep pursuing me like they did today.

It's a very nice day today, the sun is shining and the warmth from outside comes in through my window, offering so much heat. I love it when the sun shines that bright. It reminds me of summer. Just a few more months until summer actually hits, hopefully by then, my mother and I get to go on our little vacation without my father getting in the way again.

Well, I suppose I will end it here, just not much to talk about, at least not a whole lot I want to admit...yet. I will be back later, hope you are still here when I do, haha, just kidding! See ya later!

Friday February 13, 2015

7:34 AM

Dear Friend,

Hi, last night I told you I would tell you everything Sarah and I did so here we go. We watched a few horror movies, one after the other, I went downstairs and made a big bowl of popcorn, Sarah helped me bake some brownies, her mother's recipe and we went back into my bedroom to talk about school and boys, which wasn't really my cup of tea but I participated. I think the only thing we didn't do was paint our fingernails or toenails but I am not into that whole thing either so it didn't bother me.

When the final movie of Sarah's picking ended in credits rolling down the tv screen, I shut the tv off and ignored the dvd player for a while. I gave her my attention and we both picked at the buttery kernels at the bottom of the glass bowl.

The moment she told me she had a crush on Bud I immediately went red. I was kind of surprised in a lot of ways for many reasons. Bud isn't really Mr. Perfect, far from it and Sarah is everything I want to be, so it was strange to hear her say that to me. I kept her words with me and smiled. She was a little embarrassed but I told her I would never tell anyone else.

After we shared a little hug, that's when the front door came flying open, hitting the wall. I shook my head and felt my hands shake, Sarah already knows about my father and his drinking problem. She wanted to stay with me and make sure he doesn't hurt me but I couldn't let her, Sarah would've ended up with the bruises and cuts that I have now.

I'm still wearing the same sweatpants I had on last night. They are nothing special just a pair of large black flannel sweats and to go along with it, I have on an old Rolling Stones t-shirt that has a few holes here and there. I feel like crap, my stomach is turning violently and I don't look too good either. Around ten o'clock was when my father came upstairs. I made Sarah hide under the bed and felt so awful for making her do so but it was the only way I could have saved her from the abuse.

Sometimes I feel like I deserve every little beating he gives me but there are also times when I don't think what he's doing is right or fair; anyone sane can see that but he's my father and I love him. He was never this way when I was a toddler, the day he changed was the day I turned thirteen. The abuse didn't start until I was almost fifteen.

My mother had already backed her things up but she never did stand for him hitting me like he does. I remember at fifteen, my father came home from another long day at the farm and he was drunk, flat out drunk. My mother was still at home, telling me how much she loves me and we spent a few more minutes together until George broke us up with his obnoxious shouting. My mother didn't take any of his crap and I am glad she didn't.

He never laid a violent hand on her, but the one time he grabbed her was to keep her from walking out the front door. They used to be so close but ever since his drinking became more than two beers that's when he changed. That same day he slapped me hard across the face for standing up for my mother and I fell to the ground, trying to stop my tears. It hurt and I can still feel the rough back side of his hand today. That's when my mother called the police and that's the day my father was sent to jail for the night. She stayed with me through the night and half of the next day. No matter how much pain I was still in, I had the best time with her, cooking grilled cheese sandwiches and making hand-squeezed lemonade.

I have her number in my phone and can call her whenever I want. Well I guess this is where I stop for now. Almost time for school. It's a sunny day this morning so I pray that the day will go by smoothly and it's a friday so...

I'll talk to you later, bye!

7:46 pm

Dear Friend,

I didn't promise I'll be back, but here I am., well tonight my dad is gone so I decided to call Sarah over and hang out just until he gets home or if he even decides to come home tonight. The weatherman was calling for a heavy snowfall late in the night, but I don't worry for my father, he's an adult, forever a drifter. For fun, Sarah picks a movie from my stash underneath my bed and puts in the most frightening one I have. Insidious is the name of it and I myself am not scared of it but it is a pretty well-put together film. Sarah on the other hand gets scared of almost anything and it's real funny sometimes.

We sit on my bed which is set right beside my door and Sarah pushes it closed. I chuckle to myself and I catch her staring over at my journal; she knows now and asks me if she can read some of it. Sarah should know how personal a journal is, she has one, a diary but I let her read some of it anyway.

I'm back! Finally the movie begins and I know I should put my journal away. I get a nudge in the side from her elbow and I look at her. She points over towards the little television sitting near my window on my desk and I smile. Okay, I suppose it would be the right thing to do. I will be back in the morning to tell you everything, but until then, bye!!



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Well I think I rambled enough, I will buy a scanner possibly by next pay day and then I can actually get started making my page worth looking at :P See ya!

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